Coldwave Coffee Chiller

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Create the best iced coffee at home easier than you ever thought possible. You don't even need to be awake to make ice coffee with The Coldwave!

  1. Simply brew your coffee as you normally would - no matter what your brewing method.
  2. Pour your hot brewed coffee into the Coldwave carafe
  3. Add the Coldwave frozen insert.  
  4. Wait 2 minutes and you have the perfect iced coffee.

The Coldwave features 100 tubes sealed with distilled water and air. You freeze the insert, and then your hot coffee is flash chilled in just a couple minutes.

  • No Dilution (no water is added to your drink)
  • Chills up to 16 ounces of coffee at once
  • Can chill two batches in a row easily.
  • Refreezes completely in about 1 hour.

Works with all brewing methods. Requires no special skill or knowledge.

You can even chill other beverages easily with the Coldwave (great for wine and spirits).

Check out a preview of the Coldwave in the video blow (go to minute 8:50 for the start) - full review video coming soon: