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March's Coffee Lovers Box orders will be open until March 2nd.

The Coffee Lovers Box is three of my favorite roasts from three of my favorite roasters in Seattle. Delivered to you fresh.  You will receive three 4 ounce bags of fresh roasted coffee - one from each roaster LIMITED TIME TO ORDER - all coffee for all the boxes will be roasted at once. Orders will be taken up until the timer hits 0, then all coffee will be roasted and all boxes will be packed and shipped at once.

All the coffee for all the boxes will be roasted after Mar 2nd and shipped the following week.

You must place your order by 11:59 PM, Friday, Mar 2nd (PST). Order before the timer hits 0!

(March's box information coming soon)

The following coffees are featured in the Feb/March Coffee Lovers Box

Ethiopia Allona - Anchorhead Coffee 


The aroma of this coffee is intoxicating - it smells like fresh salt water taffy. The taste is less of candy, and more dark chocolate with strong berries in the background and foreground. There's a brightness that floats around as well, which could be seen as melon or pineapple.  Overall it's like a dark chocolate bar sandwiched by berry jam.


Colombia Esperanza - Kuma Coffee


The aroma of this coffee is like walking into a bakery first thing in the morning - lots of sugar sweetness chocolate baked aroma. It has an intriguing taste like mint chocolate chip with a raw sugar sweetness. This coffee approaches a level of creaminess that almost makes me liken it to mint chocolate chip ice cream. An overall mint brightness is peppered with bits of dark chocolate.


El Salvador La Reforma - QED Coffee


The aroma of this coffee is super rich. It's like a jam - if you can imagine taking cherries and making a fresh rich sugary sweet jam. The taste is strongly of milk chocolate, with cherries floating around as well.